Thursday, 23 May 2019

Unfinished Harukanaru 3 midgame post

(I was writing this blog post for a bit but then I got really lazy and because I'm not sure I'll ever properly finish it, I'm just going to post it unfinished.)

I've been slowly playing my way through Harukanaru Toki No Naka De 3 Ultimate. I'm enjoying it a lot so far. The gameplay has got to be my second favorite of all the Neoromance games I've played thus far, right behind Tenkuu no Requiem. The turn-based battles are fairly simple and not very challenging at all once you've unlocked enough skills and attributes for the characters but the battles I think are still very visually pleasing.

I love the animated pixel sprites a lot. The animation is very smooth and they're so charming. Some of the big bosses have really cool sprites too, I won't spoil what those look like though.
One of the battles featuring the characters Benkei, Hinoe, Nozomi, and Atsumori.
So far the routes I've done are: Saku, Masaomi, Yuzuru, Kurou, Hinoe, Rizuvan, and Kagetoki. And I've done the Izayoi endings for Hinoe and Atsumori. The Izayoi endings are a bit different since they don't actually have routes, they're kind of like normal endings

I've played Haruka 6 so I already knew a bit about the world it takes place in before I started. The world that the Haruka protagonists get transported to is a world that's similar to ours except for that things like gods, onryou, and magic exists. It overall mainly follows the same history as ours but tends to differ in some of the details.

The time that Haruka 3's protagonist, Nozomi, ends up at when she gets teleported there is the Heian era. Towards the end of the Genpei war between the Genji and Heike clans. Nozomi gets to meet this world's versions of historical figures, the first ones being Minamoto no (Kurou) Yoshitsune and Musashibou Benkei. How much I would give to see Haruka 3 Touken Ranbu crossover fanart of Kurou and Benkei together with Imanotsurugi and Iwatooshi...

My favorite characters so far are probably Rizuvan, Atsumori, Hakuryuu, and of course Nozomi. Nozomi is a great protagonist. I've heard that she's very popular among fans and it's no wonder. She kind of makes me think back to the protagonist of Hakuouki, Chizuru. They're just such opposites. It's been many years so my memory of the events of Hakuouki are a bit hazy. If I remember correctly though, all Chizuru does in the game is flop over and do next to nothing as she lets the Shinsengumi protect her. Even though she's a (spoilers) and could definitely have fought on equal or even greater terms than all of the other characters if she had only trained.

Nozomi is just a regular high school girl who was suddenly shoved into this situation but she doesn't hesitate to pick up the sword and train her heart out.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

My website and this blog

It took me far too long to realise that some people probably don't code their html from scratch and actually use templates for their websites. It didn't even cross my mind. I'm already in too deep though. Since I've already gone this far I want to do it all myself. And maybe stea- be inspired by looking at the code of other people's websites. I've never done any kind of coding in my life before so this is all so new and confusing to me but I'm trying my best.

It's a good thing that I'm just aiming for the kind of design a personal website from the 90s/early 00s would have, so it doesn't have to look conventionally good. I can't even figure out how to get text into a box though. I've gotten it into a box with simple example text but when I try to implement it to my website it just refuses to work properly and I don't know enough to even understand what I'm doing wrong.

I'm also not entirely sure if I want to continue using this blog. I see other's making sections on their website itself for a blog/journal and I think I would prefer to keep everything in one place. But if I decide I want to include images in my blog posts, which I probably will, I'm afraid I'll run out of space. I don't have the spare income to afford paying to be a supporter. I'm having quite the pickle right now thinking about this.

I'll probably decide on what I want to do when I actually figure out how to get my website into a design that I'm more happy with. If I ever can.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Male Vtubers

When people think of Vtubers they'll usually think of all the most popular vtubers, who are all girls. Kizuna Ai being a prime example. All of the top ranking in subscriber vtubers are girls. But if you dig down a bit deeper than the surface you'll find that there are actually male vtubers as well. And I'm not talking about all the cheap stiff live2D facerig ones. Maybe those ones can sometimes be good, I just can't get over the horrible stiff two dimensional models. 

In this post I'm going to be introducing all of my favorite male vtubers, plus some extras that I don't really personally watch much but seem like they could be interesting. First though I have to make it clear that I'm counting any vtuber with a male actor who doesn't use a voice changer as a male vtuber, even if the character/model is a girl. Maybe they aren't technically male but I and maybe others will feel that there's a similar appeal to them because of the presence of a male voice.

I'm going to start with my currently still active favorites and move down through all the currently active ones. I'm going to include the ones that have gone inactive as well just in case they maybe make a comeback some day. I really hope they will.

But now it's time to start introducing them!!

I love these two. They're the cutest and my favorites. They have such a cute and fun dynamic together. Also they do cooking videos! They do more normal short little funny videos too, and cozy live streams. Also they can sing really well. Himaru has a bunch of solo covers uploaded on the channel, Rentarou has a solo cover too. The two of them have an original duet song together!

All of the earliest videos on the channel are just Himaru by himself and then Rentarou appears a bit later. Please make sure you check them out, their videos are so comfy and cute and I love their 3D models. They probably have my favorite models of anyone.

More after the cut!

Monday, 13 May 2019

My first blog post

I'm writing this after finishing writing the rest of the post. The post starts off pretty messy as expected. If you don't feel like reading the entirety of the post please at least read the section that I talk about Angelique! It's really dear to me and I want others to understand. The start of where I start talking about Angelique is marked with bold text so you can't miss it.

I'm not totally sure what people usually write about in blog posts since I've never actually written one until now but whatever, here goes. I suppose I'll write about what I've been most obsessed with recently. That being Neoromance (who would have guessed?).

I'll probably continue posting about Neoromance and maybe my other interests here. There won't be anything like reviews or anything. I'm not really that great at thinking critically about things, I usually never even notice stuff like plot holes. But I'd love an outlet to gush about how much I love these games. Hopefully my gushing may even spark interest for someone who may read my posts.

To start off with I guess I'll write about how I first got into the Neoromance games in the first place, which will also involve diving just a little bit into how I got into otome games as a whole. I've been playing otome games for god knows how many years now. The first VN I played was a BL game, but as I got into reading more VNs my interest was more peaked by otome than BL. I still remember not being able to read Japanese at all at that point and turning to reading freeware original English otome VNs I'd find on sites like the Lemmasoft forums.